Most frequently asked questions

Here are the most common questions a trader would normally ask us or consider to ask before opening an account with us. For more information on help resources related to Finvis and the products we offer, simply type your question below or visit our live chat service.

How do I open an account with Finvis?

You can apply for an account at our website.

I forgot my username or password. How can I retrieve them?

If you forgot your username, please contact us for assistance. If you forgot your password, please to request your password.

How much money do I need to open an account?

The minimum initial deposit required is at least 250 of your selected base currency. However, we recommend you deposit at least 2,500 to allow you more flexibility and better risk management when trading your account.

How do I fund my account?

You can easily fund your account by logging in to MyAccount and visiting the Funding page. We accept funds by credit card, debit card and wire transfer.

What is a leveraged trading position?

Leverage allows traders to control larger positions with a smaller amount funds. In the case of 100:1 leverage (or 1% margin required), for example, $1 in a trading account can control a position worth $100. As a result, potential profits as well as potential losses are magnified according to the degree of leverage used.

What is your client support email address?

You can send any questions or required documents to [email protected]