Refund Policy

The Refund Policy has been developed for the purpose of reducing the Company’s financial and legal risks of the Company, as well as observing principles of anti-money laundering and counter terrorist activity. The Company has the right to unilaterally block the access to the Secure Client Area, suspend trading activity of any accounts held by the Trader, cancel a request for transfer/ withdrawal, or make a refund, if the source of funds or the Client’s activities contradict the anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing policy. The Company does not cancel the implemented trade transactions, therefore the Company has the right to return the funds to the remitter, if within one month from the date of recharge, no trading activity has been recorded on the trading accounts.

The Company has the right, under certain objective reasons and, if it is necessary, to make a refund of funds received via any payment system including credit/debit cards. Furthermore, the refund will be made to electronic wallets and bank details, which have been used by the Client when paying in the funds. Should the Company classify the activities of the Client as inappropriate or contradicting the usual purpose of the Company’s services usage, where there is a direct, or indirect, illegal or dishonest intent, the Company reserves the right to act within the framework of this document, without informing the Client in advance. All direct or indirect losses; expenses connected with transfer of funds are reimbursed to the Company from the Client’s funds.

When replenishing a trade account with any card (e.g.: credit card, debit card, prepaid card), the Client agrees not to lodge a request to the bank to charge back the payment which has already been credited to the trade account or to the provider of a credit/debit bank card, both during and after the use of the Company’s services. Any such attempt will be treated by the Company as a breach of the Terms for the provision of services, for which the Client may be subjected to responsibility in accordance with national legislation. If the Company still withdraws the transaction payment back, we reserve the right to block the access to the Secure Client Area, freeze the Client’s current balance and send the monetary funds back to the account of the Client, after payment of all services and fees.

You, the Client, have to perform all the deposits from a source (e.g. single bank account). If you want to start trading, you should make sure this account is in your country of residence and in your name. In order to certify that a SWIFT confirmation is authentic, it has to be sent to our website to confirm the origin of the money which will be used for trading. If you don’t comply with this WD policy, you may be prevented from depositing the money via Bank/Wire Transfer. Please allow up to 5 business days for the deposited funds via Bank/Wire Transfer to appear on your trading account. If you did not login and traded from your account within three (3) months, your Account will be subject to a deduction of 10 % each month.